Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chan-chan girl

Chani love playing with her catnip eyeball... when she gets a chance to play with it. 9 tends to hog them all...

She does know how to pose for pictures.

She does quite well with the dramatic lighting too.

As for her tapeworm, after Chani had her medication, her fur is much softer and silkier. And, I think she is getting a bit chubbier. I dressed her up in her pink dress and it was getting tighter around her chest. Considering she just had the medication last week... oh boy. I think a little lady is going to have to get a bit more exercise. Just like her mommy.


  1. She is lovely! I am really hoping that Melly's tapeworm was a recent development and that her weight won't be affected too much - these guys are already on a diet!

  2. Chani, you are absolutely gorgeous and you know it...you pose like the supermodel girl that you are :) Don't let 9 hog all the balls...tell him he needs to share :-)

  3. If it's not fleas or mites, it's worms! I've heard so many stories from fostering -- we hope the little invaders take their leave quickly. Poor 9 and Chani. Glad they are well despite their hitch-hiking friends ...

  4. eyeball!

    yeah, nephthys is on healthy weight formula. she doesn't like it as much, but hey, quit eating like you've still got a tapeworm!