Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I make sure to inspect the bed once Mom de-sheets it. I'm quite particular in this because we do sleep in this bed, after all.

Inspection complete. Now, Mom may add sheets and blankets. Purrrr...

Hi All,

Marlene here. Sigh... last month, I saw a little tapeworm poking its way out of 9's nether regions. Talk about being creeped out! So, I called Dr. S, spoke to the receptionist who ordered medication for 9. She wouldn't authorize meds for Chani. Now, I should have insisted, because... last night, I found evidence that Chani also has a tapeworm.

I'm pretty sure that both cats had tapeworms since the time I adopted them. Those little rice grain/sesame seed shaped debris should have been a dead give away! The adoption people did say that 9 and Chani were wormed, but well, there was no let up in sesame seed debris and they did have that horrible flea infestation back in the day which probably didn't help them. At any rate, both cats are still quite healthy. 9 even gained weight with his pet parasite! Still, it's kind of gross and well, makes me more aware of the inner working of my beloved pair.

Maybe this will help Chani get over her less than ladylike moments of passing gas... though, it is kind of cute albeit stinky.

I never had these issues with Q! So many things to worry about...


  1. We hope the meds gets this taken care of quickly!

  2. The same thing happened with Zoey. When our mom first caught her, she ws "wormed." But then about a year later, it was discovered she had tapeworm...probably did right from the start! But she never had any problems. The medicine took care of the problem right quick!!

  3. Melly recently had them too, and I didn't even notice! So gross. She and Scarlett both got dewormed, so hopefully we're set now.

  4. You are very manly in your bed inspection, 9-Kun!

    We'r sorry to hear about the tapeworm double-whammy. How awful! We hope they will now both be rid of this awful thing. Ganbare, Chani-Chan and 9-Kun!

    The (French) Chans