Saturday, April 16, 2011

Squishes on a Saturday

The cool temperature in our condo means both Blankies of Doom are in full use. Mom lies under them and then we lie on top of Mom. Unfortunately, it means that there are many opportunities for squishing. Sigh...

9 gets squished too.

And kisses... lots of kisses. Poor 9. Heheh...

Unfortunately, after 9 gets squished, his dander is up and he attacks me. Mom does break it up, but it gets annoying. Oh well... at least we get cuddles too.

Happy Saturday all!


  1. Aww, the squishes look nice! I do that to my kitties too.

  2. We just wanted to stop by to say Hi !! And you are both ery pretty cats : )
    "Meows" from Zoe , Garfield , Nicole , Henry , Tara , and Sweetie!

  3. Ah, the risks of taking advantage of your human for warmth! It's a give and take, right?