Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friend's foster kittens

Mom went to visit a friend who is fostering kittens. Do you remember the last batch of kittens she visited? Well, those babies got adopted (though Mama kitty succumbed to an illness right after weaning the babies :( ). Now, our friend is fostering two more. Above you see the grey girl.

Here's a portrait. She's very spunky!

Mom held the black cow kitty boy who is much more mellow than his sister. He's so tiny! He fit in Mom's hand and dozed a bit.

Here they are with a feather toy (Ikea kitty tent in the background).

And here they are eating. The girl was quite 'pushy' but the boy made sure to get some of his own too.

No, we won't be getting a new sibling. Mom is worried that 9's personality might change if he's no longer the center of attention. But, she does love to see new babies!


  1. Me too! (See new babies, that is!) That's why I foster! ;-D

  2. Oh Kittens...is there anything cuter than kittens (or puppies)??? Love the little guy snoozing in your hand, and the girl has the cutest little face ever...*sigh*...too cute!