Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tidings

Hear ye! Hear ye! I, 9, the most magnificent, have an announcement.

Mom is very busy these days. She has a pottery sale at the end of this month and she seems to be suffering from an overabundance of creativity. She is sketching and coloring and being all artsy fartsy. She does take a break on occasion to give us lots of love (involving far too many squishes!), but, it is far from enough.

So, she will be taking a mini-blogcation until after the sale. Please forgive her. We will be sure to present her with many photo opportunities by being utterly adorable and sweet and cute, but who knows if she will pick up the camera. Sigh...

Until May, dear friends!


  1. We understand Mom's need to get ready for a sale! We will miss yoU!

  2. ok : ( We will miss you ! You guys better come back

  3. I purrs for her to have a great sale : )
    I will miss you

  4. I'll miss you, but I understand the need to follow artistic inspiration wherever and whenever it may lead! See you in May :)

  5. We also hope, 9, that she will not be able to resist picking up that camera!

    #1 says she wishes she could go to the pottery sale.

    The Chans

  6. Sounds very exciting for your Mom...tell her we miss her but we totally understand that work and snuggles with kitties sometimes take priority :)

    Hope you two are helping your Mom and giving her lots of cuddles and purrs!