Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday was our 2nd Gotcha Day and we did not get any Tuna! How wrong is that? And then, we were unceremoniously shoved into our cages and taken to the V-E-T! Chani protested on the way over (honestly, Mom thinks that Chani is flashing back to before she was adopted and worried that Mom is going to abandon her. NO! Mom would never abandon Chani nor me!)

Anyways, we were let out of the cages in the examination room. Neither of us came out of our own volition, so Mom had to drag us out. A vet tech took our weights and temperatures (never fun!). Chani is still 10 lbs. I, however, gained a few ounces... I went up from 10.6 lbs to 11. Hehe... But I don't look fat! The tech left to let our doctor know that we were ready and we sort of explored.

Chani checked out the door that led to the back rooms where she would later get her ear cleaned.

We both went behind my carrier. I eventually moved around, but Chani did her best to find a hidey hole.

She was pretty well camoflauged there, but boy did her face and this picture tug at Mom's heartstrings.

Eventually, Dr. S came in and checked us out. I was fine.

Chani was a bit more squirmy. But, she got a clean bill of health too.

On the way home, Chani made sure to let Mom know how disgruntled she was about the VET visit, but she calmed down. And boy, were we happy to be home again.

And finally, we got TUNA!!! It was delicious.

So happy belated Gotcha Day celebration day to us. And concatulations to us for having a great VET visit!


  1. thank you for your visit, it was lovely to hear from you. I (Mrs H) have been working all over the country and not been free to blog for the boys and its been a bit rushed so we all loved it when you still came by. We adore your posts... but not the V-E-T visit, we feel for you!!. Love from us at Haven, Darcy, Bingley and Helen XXX

  2. It is always great when you get a clean bill of health! and Tuna for your troubles!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you got a clean bill of health! That photo of little Chani hiding tugged at my heartstrings too - those big round eyes! Oh my.

  4. Ooop! I didn't read ahead or I would have known you didn't get any tuna yesterday... :-( BUT, I know Mom helped make it a lovin' great day anyway AND she came through with the tuna today for you.

    Chani's hidey hole picture brought a *sniff* here, too. Honey, it was worth it though to know you are healthy... and we know you are happy with mom and 9, do life is pretty good, all in all, wouldn't you say?

  5. Excellent on the results. Less fun on the vet visit coinciding with your Gotcha Day! That sucks! Glad you eventually did get the tune!!!

    The Chans

  6. Well, looks like you two were well compensated for your v-e-t visit...yummy tuna always makes everything better :) I'm amazed that you're in the 10-11 lb range...I always imagined you two to be tiny :) You're both bigger than Bino and Mishka and almost as big as Bailey Bear!