Thursday, March 10, 2011


Greeting everyone. As you might have heard, I have had quite a bit of stress in my life the past few days. Two nights ago, this was me. I was recovering from the visit to the VET but calm and quite meditative.

Then, Mom took me to the VET again the next morning because of my eyes! I made sure to tell her I was upset on the way there. During the visit, I just lay passively in her arms without whining or squeaking at all. (Secretly, I bet she loved that!... I joke, but I do tend to complain when she picks me up).

On the way home, after getting my ear flushed and all that, I made sure to voice my displeasure and show it as well. I hid under the comfy bed she put in my carrier. Every now and then, I would poke my head out so she could hear my complaints at full volume without being muffled by the bed.

I did perk up a bit and had a good day at home. When Mom came home from work, I had forgiven her and greeted her at the door with 9. I ate my dinner and slept next to her too.

This morning, Mom checked my eyes and they look much better! Yay! I did manage to stumble once when I shook my head. Mom hopes I'll get over it.

However, since I'm doing better, Mom is making this an occasion to cuddle with me a lot! Now, let me tell you, WE DO NOT CUDDLE IN THE MORNING! Especially when it is not on my terms.
Grrrr... I hope she stops this morning cuddling nonsense. I can barely tolerate it when she does it at night!

Marlene here. Thank you everyone for your support! As Leslie said, it's our own fears and worries that can make things so much worse. Chani is doing much better. She probably thinks I was worrying unnecessarily, but better safe than sorry. I love my little Princess! Now, I have to make sure that 9 doesn't feel neglected since Chani has been getting so much more attention these past few days.


  1. I sure am glad to hear that you're doing better sweet Chani!

  2. Glad to hear Chani is doing better!

  3. WE are so happy that Chani is doing better!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Chani is doing better! That last picture of her with the sideways ears is so cute and funny.

  5. Chani, sweetheart, let Mom do all the cuddling she needs to. You see, when we beans can't to anything to make you feel better, it makes us crazy and the cuddling really helps calm us down. Besides, she's off to make up to 9 now.

    And we laughed here. Miss Bitty burrows under the nice fluffy carrier pad when we go to the V-E-T. I think she thinks we won't find her and if she does that.

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  7. We don't want to sound too severe but "shut up and cuddle, Chani!" Your Mom was so worried about you. Seriously, we are really glad you're better!

    The Chans

  8. Cuddles can make everything better for us Mamas! Glad that all's well with Chani!