Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marlene is freaked

Last night, I noticed that one of Chani's pupils was dilated while the other was contracted. Earlier in the evening, I could have sworn that I smelled Pine-sol on her or something chemical.

Now, earlier in the week, I had a little glass cup of Pine-sol (it was lightly covered) in an area where 9 likes to make his mark. I was using the Pine-sol as a deterrent. That little glass cup got knocked over. I didn't really think anything about it til last night when I thought smelled the Pine-sol on Chani.

Still, she acted fine and ate her dinner. Slept next to me as she usually does.

This morning, I checked her pupils and they are still one dilated and one contracted. And she seems a bit more lethargic.

At any rate, Chani is going back to visit Dr. S today. I'm hopeful that she will be just fine. I'm also freaking out because I'm so worried about her. Part of me is hoping that she might have gotten an eye injury when we got back from the vet yesterday (she and 9 went at it in a big way... she was grumpy and he was being aggressive). The other part of me is kicking myself for not cleaning up the Pine-sol. Honestly, I thought it had dried but it was still slightly damp yesterday.

I will post an update as soon as I know anything.

Dr. S thinks that Chani might have had a reaction to the medicine that was put in her ear to clean it yesterday. The constricted pupil matches the side where the medicine went in... so poor Chani got her ear flushed with saline. The odd thing is that she's had her ear cleaned with the same medicine before, so we're not sure why she had a reaction this time.

At any rate, she seems to have perked up a bit and is now eating her breakfast. I, of course, am still a mess, but less of one that earlier.


  1. Phew! We've been worried since we saw the first note on FB. The body is a strange thing and sometimes changes its mind about what it tolerates and doesn't. Let's hope that this is indeed what happened to Chani and that she is all better soon. And that you feel better too, Marlene!

  2. Something almost like that happened to my grandsons cat, Shadow. They had to treat all the animals for esa mites and after one treatment, not the first one, Shadow had one dilated pupil and was holding her head to one side. She got so bad she could not walk straight because hers turned into a massive ear infection. SHe did recover and is doing great now. I don't want to scare you further, but just watch her

  3. (((Marlene))) I'm so glad the news takes some guilt off of you, if not all the worry. Purraying for a quick recovery! As an aside, I'd used Gentamicine a couple of times before I had a negative reaction, so I suppose it's possible here, too.

  4. How scary! Oh Marlene. I'm so glad Chani is all right and that things are clearer now. It's nerve-shredding, I'm sure, when all we have is our own guesses to go on.

  5. Oh that must have been so scary...glad that all's well now...whew...sending lots of hugs and purrs to you and the kitties!