Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contemplative Chani and a hiding 9

Chani still likes to look out the window. I wonder what she is contemplating.

9 likes to 'hide'. His furry behind is quite adorable and striking with the purple comforter.

Please ignore the dirty laundry. It's laundry day!


  1. Cute photos! Chani is doubtless contemplating how nice it would be to tun after birds... As for 9's "hiding" it reminds #1 of her first cat Ikkyu who often hid with just his tail showing!

    The Chans

  2. Chani is trying to exercise mind control over the birdies and mousies in the yard...saying "come to me little ones...come closer...closer...a bit closer...I can almost taste you..."

    As for 9 and his superior hiding skills, well all kitties know that if you stick your head under the bed, then nobody can see you :-)

  3. Cute pictures. I have several furry behind pictures of my three!