Friday, November 26, 2010

our new friend, Meg!

This past Sunday, Mom had a friend over for dinner. Her name is Meg and Mom met Megwhen Meg was still in middle school. Mom was her pottery teacher. Now, Meg is a beautiful young lady who even though they've known each other for many years, never makes Mom feel old.

Above you can see that Chani made herself quite comfortable on Meg's lap. This was a good thing because our condo gets a bit cold, even with a heater on! Later, Chani curled up on Meg's feet. Chani even did the stretchy front arm thing to show how comfy and relaxed she was.

9 hung out on Meg's lap too. He loved playing with the strings on her sweater. Meg had to hold 9's bottom because he was about ready to fall off at any second!

Before, 9 took a short nap on Meg's lap, but Mom didn't get any pictures of that. Oh well.

We were very happy to have met Meg!


  1. There is nothing like meting wonderful new "old" friends!

    The Chans

  2. Maximus Spittimus requests that I advise you that you are now Maximus Spittimus Centurions and he welcomes you to his world!

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp
    Maximus Spittimus

  3. hi meg!

    i noticed that assistance that 9 required..ahem...