Monday, September 30, 2013

In which Chani makes her feelings known...

Ahem, Mom. We must have a talk. You see, I know that you put this lovely bunch of winter clothes on the bottom corner of the bed for me. They match my fur colors perfectly and they definitely needed me to rest upon them. However...

My darling brofur, 9, was lying here after I claimed it and moved off of the spot to attend you. Now, he is attempting to reclaim my spot. I did warn him off through hissing and growling. I also raised my paw as a warning.

Obviously, he did not listen and I moved out of the way because I just did not want to deal with him. There is just not enough space for the both of us. And then, the Orange Interloper joined him. It is a conspiracy of gender, I proclaim.
And no, I do not think they look sweet and adorable here. They are taking up MY spot.

Do fix this... oh, ok, I can say, "Please"...


  1. Chani. I feel for you. We have an orange interloper, too. I keep hissing and growling at him but he does not get the message. He actually charged me a couple of times!

  2. Chani, humans are famously useless for this sort of problem. I say take down both those interlopers.

  3. Hmmmm... A complicated situation requiring much skill and diplomacy. Goos Luck. Marlene!

    The Chans