Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Chani

Chani is happiest when lying up on warm laundry. Or stinky laundry. Today, it was clean. And of course, it was my darkest pair of jeans that she was lying upon...

 And she just loves to refur everything.

 Unfortunately, I had to put those clothes away. Chani wasn't too pleased with that. However, I then decided to make the bed and pulled out fresh sheets.

 That made her happy again.

Very happy. And yes, I gave her a few belly rubs too.


  1. Can you believe there is a whole load of laundry lying on the bed downstairs and nobody is managing it? I guess sun puddles win out over laundry around here!

  2. Mom and Dad are washing all the kitty blankets tonight. That means nice warm cuddly blankest for us to lay on!