Sunday, May 5, 2013

She's Home!

Mom returned after a really long drive back from Los Angeles. There were two accidents on the way back and one caused her to change routes which added 50 miles to the return trip! AND the other accident added about 45 - 60 minutes to the drive because traffic came to a stop (it was a car fire that lead to a grass fire).

But, she is home. She has hugged us all. She has played fetch with 9 and she gave us treats.

We've decided to forgive her for not uploading any photos. She has some new friend photos to show off. And she wants to take more photos of us (as is only proper). Until then, we shall just snuggle up to her and soak up the love...

Wait... why is the suitcase still out?


  1. What part of L.A. was your human visiting? We are in the NortEast area. Wait - the suitcase is still out? You kitties had better go lie in it!

    1. Mostly Manhattan Beach. And Koreatown for this trip. Usually, she visits La Crescenta though and will do so at Christmas. This time, she is telling us early! But, we are not sure why the suitcase is still out when Christmas is so long away...

  2. You better get all the hugs and snuggles you can if the suitcase is still out!