Sunday, May 19, 2013

She's home! And the suitcase is put away!!!

Mom is home! Hooray! And it looks like she is going to stay put for quite a while. We are very very happy and made sure to greet her at the door. Chani is cuddled up next to Mom and 9 is keeping a watchful eye on Mom from the pillow under the headboard lights. We're not sure where Sheamus Popoki is, but he got lots of cuddles from Mom earlier and he purred up a storm for her.

Mom did not get us any presents. She said that she didn't find anything in Las Vegas for us. Sigh... she really should look harder.

She did buy these lunch bags though:

The blue one is hers while the pink one on the right with the pyramid and fake Eiffel tower will go to a friend. Right now, she's not sure what she will do with the other pink bag.

These bags are insulated lunch bags with zippers. Hopefully, this will help her keep her lunch from spilling in her backpack!

Oh, and speaking of food, Mom was very very bad in Las Vegas. She said she at far too much and gained 5 lbs. Now, that may not be a lot for a human, but for Mom, it's showing her how hard it is to control what she eats when she is on vacation and away from her kitchen (and us!). So, hopefully, this means, she won't be leaving us any time soon. Paws crossed!


  1. Tell your human to come back to Las Vegas next May, because that is where BlogPaws is happening in 2014! Then she might really have something to bring home to you kitties!

    1. oh my goodness! We will definitely tell her! We bet she'd have a lot more fun going to BlogPaws than gambling or any of that other silly stuff she did!