Friday, December 7, 2012

Halloween Dress Revisited and New Friends!

I was going through the photos on my camera and came across these of Chani. Not to brag or anything, but she is really a pretty girl.

 I usually consider 9 my soulful cat, but my Chan-Chan girl really has something soulful in her expression in these photos. Something winsome too. Sigh...

I've been busy again (yes, big surprise). But, I did take some time to go the wood kiln a few weeks back. One of the friends there has a rescue dog named Wiley. He's pretty darn adorable. Spunky. Usually one ear is flopped over, but when he's alert, they both perk up.

 Such a sweetie!

And there is a new 'baby'. Meet Becky, a great Pyranees.
 Here she is at about 9 weeks.

 What a doll! And my what huge paws!
 Standing next to her mentor, Buddy.

And here she is about 3 weeks later. She certainly has grown a lot.

When Becky is full grown, she will join her 'brother', David, and protect the goat herd. But for right now, she's just enjoying being a puppy.


  1. Chani is a very pretty girl indeed, and we really enjoyed the photos of your new friends!

  2. We have the same dress as Chani does! Binga had to wear it a year or two ago.

  3. So cute!!! And love the expression on the cat! :D I really liked this post! ifthere would be a like button I'd cklick it! xD

    your S.MMMU