Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

Hello Fureinds, 9 here. I have an announcement to make. First, Sheamus Popoki is shameless in asking for belly rubs.


Mom no longer gets to work from home and she's trying to figure out the best way and time to post. Plus, she's not been taking as many photos of us. We'll be putting the bitey on her soon enough to make her take photos. Though, she does have a sale coming up in two weeks and she's been painting a lot and preparing a few more boards to paint more meditating kitties. AND 3 of those kitty paintings are based on us, so I guess we can give her a little bit of a break.

I'll do my best to keep her blogging!



  1. Sheamus Popoki needs to get off his back and start sitting on your human to make sure she gets blogging done for you kitties, no matter the schedule!

  2. I couldn't begin to resist such a belly rub request. Sheamus Popoki has such a lovely belly and beautiful face! Thanks for the note, 9! You're pretty handsome, yourself!

  3. We are sorry Mom does not get to stay at home with you.

  4. I'm shameless in asking for belly rubs too Sheamus Popoki! I can't get enough of them!

  5. I cannot imagine what you would do to me, 9, if I were your photographer. I am WAY worse than your mom about posting.

    Shameless Sheamus, hehe. It's a fun moniker ;)