Monday, September 24, 2012

Contemplative 9

Hmmm... yes? You want to take my photo? I suppose that is all right, but you really must pay me more attention.

Mom, would you please stop with the flashy box thing and just give me love?

Oh, you have to go to work. Sigh... ok. But treats and snuggles when you get home, right? And maybe some string toy playing? Or a nice rousing game of fetch with the blue feather thingy of doom? No, it's not capitalized these days... sniff sniff...

Marlene here. Yes, 9 gets to play fetch and gets lots and lots of snuggles every day and night. He's a bit of a drama king, but goodness, do I love this little boy. When I return home, he is the first to greet me at the door and tell me how he is just wasting away and must have his dinner right away (no matter what time it is when I get home early or late or not even around his dinner time). 9 lets me pick him up and cuddle with him. And he purrs so loudly. Chani and Sheamus Popoki meow in protest whenever I pick them up and hold them for a little too long, but not dear 9. He really is my lover boy.


  1. NONE of us enjoy being picked up! 9 apparently hasn't gotten the memo, LOL!

  2. 9, you must teach my Meow Meow the benefits of being picked up. She curls up like a roly-poly and mewls like she's been greatly put upon. Silly, right?