Saturday, September 22, 2012

Snoozing Saturday

Good evening furriends, Chani here. Mom has been busy all weekend selling pottery. No, I'm not happy (none of us are) that she is spending less time at home with us, but she is working hard to make sure we are properly fed and our litter boxes are filled with fresh litter.

I guess we can give her a break. Listening to her talk about work and selling pottery sure can wear us all out... YAWWWWWWN...

9 likes to snooze atop a giant stuffed crab that is perched on Mom's keyboard. It's a good place to snoopervise Mom's activities on the computer as well.

Sheamus Popoki snoozes on MY tower. That boy really needs to learn this lesson but he isn't very smart so he keeps climbing it. Oh well, at least he is not at the top where my food is. And he doesn't go to my tower when it is dinner time. He goes to his green tower.

Oh, and at night, I plan to sleep right next to her. Mom especially enjoys this.  However, she sometimes thinks I am trying to push her off the bed. It's really her fault for getting up to go to the bathroom. I just snuggle against her and sort of fall over into her space when she gets up! It's not my fault she has barely a foot and a half to fit into.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.



  1. You three look so easy! Every one has a comfy spot!

  2. Binga and Boodie sometimes wedge my human in at night so she can't move at all! So you are being pretty easy on your human.

  3. You three are so cute! I'm glad you posted, even though your mom was so busy.