Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huggle Time!

Hello, dear friends. Chani here. Mom has been horribly remiss in documenting our lives. No proper photos of us since St. Patrick's Day! We would be terribly upset except, she does give us a lot of attention and hugs. In fact, tonight, she stayed home with us instead of going to her yoga class. It was quite pleasant.

She did, however, spend a great deal of time on the computer playing a game. And so, my dear little brother, Sheamus Popoki, got her attention by knocking over one of our empty kibble dishes. Can you imagine that? An empty kibble dish? But it gets worse. ALL 3 kibble dishes were empty! It was quite horrific.

Each dish was quickly refilled. Thank goodness.

And now to the topic of the day. "Huggle Time". Honestly, I don't know why Mom does this. Look at us! All 3 of us captured in one ginormous hug, being snuggled by Mom. Look at our faces! Can you tell how much we 'enjoy' this act? Ugh... I cannot begin to tell you how annoying it can be. Sometimes, I am in the center. But sometimes, I escape. Mom usually begins by capturing Sheamus Popoki and 9. The boys do get along with each other quite well. Then, she comes after me. If I am awake enough, I run away because I see what is happening.

Most of the time, my brothers do not see it coming at all. Well, 9 loves being snuggled and Sheamus Popoki... well, he's kind of dim. He hasn't caught on yet. I wonder if he ever will.

Mom is quite right in that she enjoys these huggles much more than any of us do. I am quite vocal in complaining about it. Sheamus Popoki complains too. 9 just takes it. He's kind of passive aggressive that way.

Sigh... we really better start training Mom again. She is such a slacker and obviously requires constant supervision and managment.


  1. My human could NEVER get all three of us together! We squirm way too much - 28 lbs. of squirminess combined is impossible to control!

  2. We are glad that Mom got all three of yo at one time. Our Mom would not even attempt to to this cause we don't snuggle at all!

  3. Those huggles look most excellent! We are imagining what it would be like here with four of us, plus Tommy, plus the three horses....

    Food dishes MUST be refilled as soon as the levels start to go down!!!

    The Chans

  4. Yay! I've missed you, Chani, and your brothers, too! Looks like you've been getting lots and lots of good love!

  5. I'm thoroughly impressed. Wrangling two kitties for huggles is one thing, but three? Marlene has magic arms. Kitties, you'll survive to 'enjoy' huggles another day ... ;)