Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise on a Sunday

 Can you believe it? Mom is posting on a Sunday! Well, there is a good reason for it. We're not sure it's entirely a good reason, but we are satisfied. Sort of.

First, Mom has to show you what happened when she gave Sheamus Popoki's backside a bit of a wash. He didn't clean himself very well and was a little stinky. Mom got the faucet running and the water warm, grabbed the Orange Interloper and gave his little bum a bit of a scrub. For her troubles, Sheamus gave her a gift with his back paws.
Yes, it's time for Mom to cut his claws... all of our claws, actually.

Now, here is the part that is a bit distressing. The purple suitcase is out again.That means Mom is going to travel again. She won't tell us for how long, so we made sure to help her out. Lots of fur from all of us to make sure she doesn't miss us.

9 rested atop the suitcase.

I snoopervised from the bed and made my contribution of cat fur to the pile of clothes on the bed.

Sheamus Popoki made sure to add his fur to the inside of the suitcase and to Mom's lovely shoes.

Mom says that she will be heading Back East for a cousin's wedding. So many people getting married this year! Sheamus' foster mom will be keeping an eye on us. 9 and I do like her and Sheamus loves her still. We will see you when Mom gets back!


  1. Grrr - here I am, wanting to commiserate with you guys over your human's callously taking off and leaving you kitties and all my human has to say about it is, "Wow, that is a COOL suitcase!"

  2. We hope the foster Mom spoils you while Mom is gone!