Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Last of Shoyu the Grey

The day after my last post about Shoyu, he decided that being petted by a human was pretty fun and even purred for me! In fact, he decided that he loved being petted AND let me pick him up. This was last Thursday.  So, I decided that I would try to bring him into my garage. It was pretty chilly last week and we just had a bit of a rain storm (albeit a wimpy rain storm). Still, I wanted Shoyu out from the cold and into the safety of my garage.

In the above picture, you can see a doggy crate that I got from my friend. I really wanted him to have space in case I had to crate him while I was at work (I have a water softener that gets changed out once a month and I would have hated if Shoyu ran out while it was being changed!)

Shoyu did NOT like being in that crate. He kind of panicked, jumped around and knocked his water into his dry food. I had to put him in the crate because I needed to move my car out of the garage. Yes, I did it in the wrong order. I should have moved my car and then put Shoyu in the garage. Yup... my bad.

At any rate, I let him out as quickly as possible and he explored. It only took 2 visits from me for Shoyu to learn that I did not want him to leave the garage. On the 3rd visit, when I went to leave, he stayed behind. What a smart boy!

And he loooooved getting petted. One way that I was able to get him back into the garage after his first 'escape', was to walk away. Shoyu darted between my legs, almost tripping me, and then would stop right in front of my right leg and lean against me. I bent down and petted him. At first, he would dance a short distance away and then come right back. After that first hesitation dance, he was all ready for the pets. Then, I was able to pick him up.

Finally, I sat down in the garage with him. Shoyu would weave in and around my legs and just purring up a storm

Now, why did I title this "The Last of Shoyu the Grey"? Well, a friend of mine was able to connect me to her step-dad who is a pretty awesome cat guy. He feeds a local colony of ferals and has fostered many kittens. Mr. E (yes, his last name begins with E) came by on Saturday and picked up darling Shoyu.  Shoyu mewed a lot while being put in a carrier and boy, the look he gave me when he was put in... heartbreaking. But he relaxed and was taken to his foster home. (Note to self, kitties are ok if put into a small crate that they can't shake or move about if they don't have enough room to jump and bash against walls!)

Yes, I shed a few tears later that night, but really, it's for the best. Shoyu is one handsome, intelligent and obviously affectionate kitty. Still, I can't have 4 kitties in my condo. It is just too much for our small space (and I'm running out of room on my bed. At the rate that Sheamus Popoki is growing, I am going to need a King sized bed soon!). My mom was interested again, but she and my dad will be traveling a lot in the next few months, so they really couldn't take him. So, for Shoyu's best interests, I got him to a foster home with connections to an adoption center.

I received an update this morning. Shoyu calmed down quickly and LOVES to be petted. He was taken to the vet to get his shots and tests. The adoption center thinks that he will be adopted very quickly. Mr. E says that he will email me when Shoyu gets adopted.

I do miss the adorable little guy, but I am happy that he will find a loving home.

Note to self #2: no fostering for me! I get attached way too quickly!


  1. I know it is a bitter sweet time. He has a chance at a home and you did that for him.

  2. You did a great thing for little Shoyu, Marlene. And letting him go was part of it all. Well done!

    By the way, you might want to do like many of us and turn off word verification. The new generation of Blogger WFs are almost completely illegible and a giant nuisance!

  3. How awesome that Shoyu is getting a whole new life - and you were the one who helped make it happen!

  4. Shoyu will have joy, love, comfort and safety - because you helped him. Thank you.