Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoyu by the last few rays of sunlight...

Be warned, there are kitten private parts on display down below!

I finally met up with Shoyu in the early evening on Monday night and was able to take photos of him by sunlight instead of with my camera flash. He is a gorgeous grey and has nice black stripes on his tail.

Shoyu does have quite the appetite. It didn't take him too long to go through this plate of food. I might be the only person feeding him. However, I don't know. He does not look like he is starving at all!

Beautiful yellow eyes. That can give you quite the look when you touch him. And by 'you', I mean me. I was able to sneak in a few pets on his back. Mostly just brushing him with my fingers. He jumped back pretty quickly when I did this. On the plus side, he doesn't seem to mind when I touch his tail AND he did almost trip me a few times trying to rub against my legs as I walked back to my condo. He managed a few brushes against my leg without freaking out on his part or me injuring myself.

 And finally, visual confirmation that he is a boy!

Cute, yes? And he looks a lot bigger in these photos than he really is. That plate in that he is eating from is about 5 inches wide.

And here is his tail in all its stripey-ness...

I did put my finger out to him so that he could sniff it. He looked at it quite quizzically and wasn't sure what to do. He did bat at my finger, but very very gently and only once.

Here is a video of Shoyu. Yes, I can gush about his beautiful yellow eyes quite well.


  1. He is beautiful! You are making progress. I think he is just a stray that has interacted with people before. A feral would not let you get that close! Good luck with him!

  2. Shoyu is very handsome! I hope there is a really good home out there for him!

  3. What a handsome boy, and quite the neat tail!