Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled kitties...

9 keeps Chani's ears clean. Thank goodness because that right ear of hers is always so icky!

And then, they sleep... on me, the human kitty sofa. Sheamus Popoki is further down. That little bit of orange you see by Chani's behind... Sheamus Popoki's floofy tail.

Oh, and just to let Chilli of Cat with a Garden know, Chani is not quite so slender any more. She's quite silky... but slender is not something we can describe her as. With the elimination of her tapeworm, Chani has chunked out quite a bit. Her new nickname is Princess ChunkyPants, but we don't call her that to her face too much. I don't want to hurt her self esteem when she is so happy with herself.


  1. a good bath and a snuggle on teh best couch in the house!

  2. We could not hang out on my human like that without an argument eventually erupting between some of us!

  3. They are so adorably snuggly! Scarlett and Melly hardly ever get that close, and then it's usually because one was asleep and didn't notice the other's approach.

  4. Tee hee hee.... that is actually quite funny about Chani and the original silky and sender crew because, you see, I am a member too and the adjective "slender" really is a bit of a stretch for me at this stage...


    1. Sei-chan, we are sisters in being formerly slender!


  5. Princess ChunkyPants ... oh my :).

    Glad to hear the kitties are doing well. Sorry to see Shoyu go, but I understand the space limitations issue!