Monday, February 20, 2012

The return of the grey kitten now dubbed "Shoyu"

After a few nights in a row where I didn't see the kitten, I was surprised on Friday night when I heard his little mew. This time, Shoyu, as I have decided to call this kitty (and I've decided he's a boy even though I have no proof... and shoyu is Japanese for soy sauce) actually followed me to my condo.

I think he's growing a bit braver as he did rub against the shrubbery while mewing at me and he got closer... within 3 feet! Now, I haven't been able to pet him yet, but I have hopes.

Since Shoyu followed me to my condo, I decided to feed him here. My hope is that he'll figure out that I'm safe and he is welcome to come into my patio (he's outside my patio wall in the pictures above). At any rate, I placed some food and water at the bottom of my wall where there's an opening.

Oh, and there's someone else who left him a metal bowl of food by the mail boxes. Of course, they may have left food for the big black kitty I saw earlier in the week.

At any rate, keep your fingers crossed that I can trap this kitty and get him foster/socialized and adopted! No, I will not have 4 kitties! My place is far too small for 4 hehe.


Update: On Saturday night, I saw the kitten again. And this time I got a better look at her backside. Yes, I believe Shoyu is a girl.  And she got within one foot of me! It was shocking. I also managed to get some video. I shall try to upload that video later.


  1. Paws crossed you are able to socialize this nice kitty!

  2. hello, we have just found you and wish you lots of luck in the rescue.. she looks really sweet, so we are keeping paws crossed. Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx