Wednesday, December 7, 2011


That title is courtesy of Spam-chan. Yes, he is taking 'naughty' lessons from his big brofur 9.

Originally, I was going to label this post, portraits on a Wednesday. Oh well.

9 posing as Mr. Handsome and Sensitive.

Chani posing as Miss Grumpy Pants keeping an eye on the Orange Interloper

Sheamus Popoki posing as Master Cutie Patootie attempting to avoid his sisfur's watchful gaze.

And here is photographic proof that 9 and Chani did get some tuna the night Spam-chan arrived in our humble abode.


  1. Very cute pictures. We do not think is Miss Grumpy Pants!

  2. Three beautiful portraits of three beautiful kitties :) 9 and Chani sure look like they're enjoying their tuna treats!

  3. maybe sheamus is a ghostbusters fan?