Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grumpy Chani

After viewing Scarlett's grumpy face, I just had to add this photo

What you don't see is 9 sleeping comfortably between my legs and Sheamus Popoki sleeping on my other side. I was propped up rather uncomfortably against some pillows and my head was leaning on the corner of the headboard. Still, it was a bit heavenly having all 3 cats in bed with me.

For the most part, there is peace at Chez Marlene's. 9 and Chani have accepted their new little brother and Sheamus Popoki is kind of oblivious to the disruption he has caused by living here. Chani does still snuggle with me, but has a hard time relaxing when she hears little SPAM-chan play. I think she remember when she was a tiny kitten and picked on by the other kitties her foster mom was fostering.

At any rate... oh, Chani has something to say here:

That orange interloper ate from MY food dish on MY tower. And you expected me to actually eat from the same dish he had eaten from! How dare you??? Yes, you bet I refused to eat until you gave me a new dish to eat my dinner from. Harumph...

Though, I do have to say, I will deign to allow him to share under the kotatsu with me and I won't hiss at him when he walks by. I'll even sniff him. BUT no eating from MY dish in MY tower! It's bad enough that he sleeps in my tower when I'm not there.

Mom, will you please train him that the green tower is his???

Ok, that's what Chani had to say. And yes, I will do my best to train Sheamus Popoki to go to his tower. He's kind of... well, laid back and does his own thing. So his personality is great for joining our little family.


  1. Fitting in with one another - that's a whole "thing" you know!!!

    The Chans

  2. Sheamus sounds like such a cool little dude...what a perfect addition to your family...I love when the old timers get all huffy about sharing "their" stuff with the newcomer, but they always settle in and sort things out in the end :) By the way, Mishka is asking Chani to pass on any tips if she ever gets the newbie trained not to use "her tower"...he'll appreciate any help he can get since he hasn't been able to keep "his tower" free of interlopers!

  3. I'm already falling for Sheamus . . .

  4. Hee, that is a great grumpy face!

    Poor Chani. We know all about interlopers here! At least yours is really chill.