Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bravery, SPAM is thy name

The other day, Fizzgig, Obie and Pica's mom came over with Pica. 9 did his best to scare off the 'scary' little woofie by getting big and hissy. Chani held the title of bravest for a little while because although she puffed out a bit, she didn't run too far away and later she actually kept a close eye on Pica.

BUT, dear SPAM-chan, my little boy who is the king of hiding in plain sight was the bravest of the three. He even tried to do a nose touch with Pica. And Pica, good girl that she is, allowed it.

Such a brave boy!

And he even did a nose kiss with Chani, who is getting much more tolerant of this little boy despite the fact he still goes up on her tower. Still, at least he knows that when he is fed, he goes up the green tower and not HER tower. Mishka, we're not sure how to help you out with your situation. We're sorry!

Then, SPAM-chan slept under the kotatsu with his big brother. They were even touching!

Actually, 9 has been very good with Sheamus Popoki. They haven't played much at all. But 9 did smack Sheamus Popoki in the head once, realized what he had done might not be acceptable and then ran off. Chani allows nose kisses but no charging at her.

Still, it's lovely to see my orange interloper gaining confidence and coming to greet me with the other two when I come home. He's not fully greeting me with purrs and stretches like 9, but at least he comes out from where he was hiding or sleeping.


  1. Wow, Sheamus is a brave little kitty indeed :) Attempting a nose kiss with both the woofie and with Chani ;) I'm so happy things are going so well and that he's getting along so well with 9 and Chani!

    I cracked up at the thought of 9 trying to scare the woofie by puffing up...the first time little Pip met a woofie (a sweet cocker spaniel) he puffed up so much every single hair was standing on end...and since he's only 4 lbs and super tiny, he looked totally spherical :)

    My boys send purrs to your trio and Mishka says "thanks anyway"

  2. SPAM is coming right along! He is a very brave boy!

  3. Whoa, go Sheamus! I'm so impressed that he touched noses with the dog. What a brave little dude.

  4. Brave and laidback. SPAM, we are impressed. Meow Meow can't believe you touched noses with the woofie. (Props too to Pica for being so polite.)