Friday, August 20, 2010

Whatcha looking at,9?

9 is clearly fascinated by what is happening below him. What could it be?

Oh dear, Chani is enjoying the sweet smells of my dirty laundry. Yes, I insist that the scent is sweet and not sweaty gross!

Chani would love it if I left my clothes out like this all the time...


  1. What is so fascinating about dirty clothes?

  2. I wish I knew! It's like 9's obsession with stinky shoes... the stinkier the better. Ah kitties, how entertaining they are!

  3. Ha! Melly is the same way. She loves my shoes and my laundry.

  4. LOL, we have yet to find Meow Meow in the laundry. I think she probably isn't interested as I left many piles on the floor a few weeks ago (sorted by darks and lights outside the laundry room for a mega-wash), which she ignored. But she does like to roll around on the carpet like a puppy. Strange and endearing, kitty idiosyncrasies ...