Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rail dancing

Dancing on the railing between the dining room/office and the sunken living room. 9 has fallen off of this railing once. He hasn't since.

I, on the other paw, have not fallen at all. Surely this display of sure-footed prowess must be rewarded, yes?

Yes. Mom gives me as many cuddle and pets and snuggles as I can stand.


  1. Those are good rewards for not falling!

  2. You sure look sure-pawed, Chani! What balance! What grace!

  3. I has been dancing but I has not posted for so long! I has missed you! It is Two Legs faultimuss!!

    Love Maximus

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp
    Maximus Spittimus

  4. Oh, 9. You so don't look very graceful. It's a good thing you are so pretty!