Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneaky 9

Wow! The view from this window ledge is simply amazing. I can see out over the patio and look at everyone from on high.

But wait! What is this I spy?

Ooh Chani didn't finish all her food. I am feeling a bit peckish and you know what they say: Waste not, want not!

I'm not doing anything at all, Mom! I'm just hanging out here.

Oop, missed some!

Nom nom nom...

As a point of clarification, Chani gets her food served at the top of her tower. 9 get his at the regular food spot in the kitchen. This way, Chani doesn't steal 9's food like she used to when they were kittens and she gets her own spot relatively safe from 9's coveting of her food. However, Chani doesn't finish her food in one sitting. She eats, goes away and comes back to eat more. Still, there are usually leftovers and 9 is determined that he shall partake of her serving and finish it up whether Chani is done or not... Sort of explains why he's a bit bigger than she is!


  1. That is a neat window ledge. What a good surprise you found in the tower!

  2. The minute you have more than one cat, equitable feeding can be quite an issue!

  3. That is so funny...I totally cracked up at the "Waste not, want not" bit :) It's the same story in our house...Bailey Bear inhales his food in a blink of an eye while Mishka takes forever and normally doesn't even finish...which means Bailey Bear hovers around, knowing that he'll get all the leftovers from Mishka's dish...