Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Unfortunately, the human had to be in the selfies... But, we still love her.

No, Chani is not pleased.

9 doesn't mind. 

Sweet Popoki is ok with it too. 

And Mama Marlene took care of a bunch of kitties this summer. First up, Kazi who she has posted before.

Kazi's sisfur, Buddy

And a new friend, Shiro


  1. MOL! You guys look none too pleased to share your selfies with your human! When I inherited my blog from Sparkle, she said specifically that my human was not allowed to be in photos!

    1. Unfortunately, Marlene won't let us touch the cameras. We don't know why! Kazi did try to teach her how to take a proper selfie once, but you can see how little those lessons helped her.