Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Friend, Penny the Siberian Husky!

Many years ago, when I still lived at my parents' with Q who came before, I would house sit for my friends, Pam and John. Well, actually, I was dog sitting. In the beginning, there was Conan, a giant Husky and Natasha, a tortie cat full of tortitude. Later, Sonia, a rescue Husky came along and it was always fun to be with these two pups. Natasha would usually hide from me. Although, she did use me for heat once on a cold night while I was sleeping. She would have gotten away with this secret brief moment of tolerating my presence if I hadn't woken up in the middle of the night to find her resting comfortably between my legs. She left as soon as I woke up.

 At any rate, years passed and dear sweet Conan, lovely Sonia and standoffish Natasha all crossed the Rainbow Bridge and took a small piece of my heart with them. Sonia passed earlier this year. After a number of months grieving, John told Pam, "Pam, it's time we adopted a dog." Pam replied with, "Well, what good timing. I've been looking at BASH."

And that is how Penny came into their lives.

Hi everyone! I'm Penny. Originally, I was called Penelope, but my new parents thought Penny suited me better. I'm a smart, pretty 3 year old girl. Marlene thinks I have the best eyeliner.

Now, although I have been trained really well - I sit and come when called and I'm ever so gentle when taking food or treats from the humans' hands - I've got a bit of separation anxiety. You see, I just love my dad and I can't bear to be apart from him. I love my mom too, but not like my dad.

So, Marlene comes over and takes care of me when my parents need to go out to a wedding reception or a silly birthday dinner. She takes me for walks to help me out with my anxiety, but I still miss my dad horribly. I'm so happy when he comes home!

One silly thing that I do is I kind of do this low growl or mooing like a cow when I get hugged or kissed or getting petted. It sounds like I'm angry or about ready to attack, but no. I'm just lowing. Sometimes I do that when I'm enjoying the attention I'm receiving. Sometimes I just do it because I want to. Now, I'm not too fond of being hugged and kissed, but I am tolerating it. Dad says I have to get used to it. I guess I can try. 

Mom is trying to train me to ring the bells on the door like Conan and Sonia who came before. Apparently, that was their way of signaling they wanted to go outside. Honestly, I think she needs to just listen to me.  I indicate when I want to go out by gently singing the song of my people and wait by the sliding glass door. Why do I need to ring the bells? Humans!

Here's my curly tail. Marlene thinks it is just awesome. "Such excellent curl", she says. And it's pretty funny when I wag my tail according to the humans. I don't quite understand why they think it's funny. It is just my tail and it looks like a vibrating poof ball when I wag it. I think it would be rather cute instead of funny. Sometimes, I just don't understand the humans.

So welcome to our little blog, Penny! We are so happy you are here with us!