Friday, November 27, 2015

Brrrrrr or Chani loves the space heater

Aaaaaaaah, Mom has turned on the space heater for me.

I looooove you, Space Heater. Such lovely warmth you produce.

Sigh... So very wonderful

I had started to turn on the heater right before bed, just to take the chill out of the air and because I wasn't using the heater. It was chilly, but not that cold.

Until last night. The temperature has really dropped and our condo's heater is broken as in the electric pilot light igniter is not working. My handyman friend took a look, but he can't fix it. I have a call in to a contractor who might be able to stop by tomorrow and check it out. 

Oh, and PG&E was useless. If I just needed a pilot light relight, I would have to wait til 12/11. Yes, that is the next available appointment. And I couldn't get anyone on the phone at PG&E to ask about options (I wasn't sure it was a pilot light relight that was needed) and when I emailed that question, the response was: PG&E does not do repairs... So very helpful.

I am freezing and so are the cats. So, we have two space heaters going on in the bathroom and bedroom as well as the electric blanket. The only good thing is that the cold is leading to some major cuddle time with all three cats at the same time.


  1. What a shame about your heater problems. I cannot believe how unhelpful the company was. Having no way to call about questions and getting an unhelpful email response? How disappointing. I am glad, though, that you have three loving kitties lined up for some warm cuddles. That should really help! Especially with a heated blanket and a couple of space heaters.

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