Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Fourth Gotcha Day, 9 and Chani!

Yes, indeed. Four years ago today, I adopted darling 9 and dear Princess Chani. Right after Q crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the emptiness inside of me was overwhelming. I was going a little nuts and well, I just had to have a few kitties in my life. I saw 9 and Chani on an adoption fair notice on Craigslist. Actually, the photo they posted of 9 was not actually 9, but another kitten named Posey who looked very similar to 9.

Honestly, it didn't matter. Joker, as 9 was named by his foster mom, was the one for me. He chose me. I remember picking him up, holding him and he licked my arm. The deal was sealed right there. HIs foster mom said to him, "Oh stop kissing up. She's decided to take you already!" There were a few people who wanted to adopt 9, but they all fell by the way side and 9 was mine.

He is my dear, sweet, loving joker of a kitty. He's silly, he's sensitive and just what I needed after Q's passing.

I love my darling boy very very much.

Chani was in the same cage as 9 when I went to the adoption fair. A previous interested adopter had wanted to see if the two of them would get along. She was thinking of adopting 9 for her son and Chani for herself. She left to think about it. I arrived, was chosen by 9 and well, I couldn't leave Chani behind. I was thinking originally of adopting another boy kitty. However, my friend who came with me looked me dead in the eye and said, "You are adopting this one too, right?" as Ella, how Chani was named by her foster mom, cuddled in my friend's arms.

I am no longer in contact with that friend for a variety of reasons. However, she did help me bring this dear, diva, princess of a kitty into my life. I can't imagine life without Princess Chani-chan, my Chan-Chan girl. She is mercurial, cunning, particular, and fickle in how she gives her love to others. But to me, she is my bed time cuddle bug. She always lulls me to sleep with her loud purrs as she lies right next to me, often times curled in the space between my left shoulder and body. She rests her head on my chest and just keeps me warm and loved.

Talk to the back paw!

9 and Chani, I am so happy that you are traveling with me on my journey. Thank you to Q who came before. I know you had a hand or paw, rather, in guiding me to them.


  1. Happy gotcha day, 9 and Chani! You are both very special kitties!

  2. We are a little bit touched by this special Gotcha Day post. What wonderful words! Happy Gotcha Day, dear Chani and 9! Doesn't time just fly by?
    Many purrs
    Siena & Chilli

  3. I'm so happy that the three of you found each other, and that sweet Sheamus P. came along to join you, too. What a sweet family you all make.