Sunday, March 10, 2013

9 and his portrait

It is done! At long last, Mom has finished 9's painting. She is very happy with it and has ordered cards. They should be here at the end of the month.

Now, Mom tried really hard to get me to look at my painting while she took a photo, but I was not being cooperative. I'm kind of embarrassed actually. I mean, Mom's aunty said that I look like I am saying, "Awwww Mom!" It's just like when Aunty shows her daughter photos of her daughter, embarrassing to the extreme!.

Oh well. Mom has ordered cards of this painting that she is calling Dark Blue Om Cat. She really should have come up with better names or at least called this 9 Om.

Next, Mom has to open up an Etsy shop so she can more easily sell all her cards. We will keep you informed!


  1. Actually, I'm going to say " Your mom is genius ! to get photo of you and the painting ! " look natural though : )
    and Your mom is so talented ! the painting looks like you !!!

  2. I love your painting, 9! And I think the photo of you is perfect! It's just like something I would have done.

  3. The look on 9's face is awesome. The look on his portrait's face is soulful :). You totally captured his eyes, Marlene!