Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Shenanigans

The boys like to snuggle together. What you don't see is where exactly on the bed that they have chosen to snuggle. My feet are to the left. I had about 6 inches of space for both feet. The boys are in the center of the bed. There is the whole other half of the bed for them to sleep, however, they like to be right up against me.

Chani was up towards my hips. She also likes to snuggle against me. I had about a foot of space for my upper body... I think they are trying to push me off the bed here!

But here are some portraits for you to remind you that they can be sweet and not always out to push me off the bed.

 9 lounges on the blanket storage box under the window.

 Sheamus Popoki lounges on the bookshelf next to the window.

Chani lounges on the bed.


  1. You are lucky that at least one likes to snuggle. Angel and Kirby sleep at the foot of our bed.

  2. My human had one cat once who was a small, half-Siamese, all-black guy - and he was able to practically push her off a king sized bed all by himself!

  3. They are cuter in every picture you take!