Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

Dear Friends, I have been very remiss in blogging since St. Patrick's Day and I apologize. Life has been very hectic. I visited LA a few weekends ago for a bridal shower and a bachelorette party.

After that, I was busy with a friend's baby's first birthday party, an early Easter party AND a dinner party. Yes, parties all around. For a hermit like me, it's quite a lot of socializing compressed into a small amount of time.

Plus, I've been painting like mad getting ready for a pottery sale at the end of April.

AND I am a horrible cat mommy! I totally missed 9 and Chani's Gotcha Day (to be honest, my memory is getting fuzzy on the exact date even though I have a memory trick to remember... 2 weeks exactly after I lost Q, I got 9 and Chani... But then I forget if it was 2/21 that I lost Q or 2/28 and I know I did a blog post and this leap year did not help at all!) Ugh. Still, rest assured, I am giving all 3 of my babies lots and lots of love.

However, I know you're not here to read about my life. So onto kitty news.

9 and Chani visited Dr. S., their V-E-T. I am happy to report that both are healthy. 9 weighs in at a nice 11 lbs. He is holding steady there. Chani, my Princess Pretty Pants, shall now be known as Princess Chunky Pants as she weighs more than 9 now... 11.4 lbs! Wow, that tapeworm was really holding back her weight hehe.

9 was very squirmy while getting his temperature taken, but was very friendly to the vet tech and Dr. S. Once his exam was done, he rubbed against their legs and just wanted love. So very different from Q who came before. Q terrorized the vet techs there. Hehe... I'm still absurdly proud of him for that.

Chani was very good while getting her temperature taken. She only reacted with a swift head turn and then flattened ears while getting her distemper vaccination. But, no drama except for the severe tongue lashing I received while driving them in their carriers to vet office.

Look at that darling pink nose...

Once Chani was at the office, she refused to come out of her carrier. I had to drag her out. After her weigh in and temperature taking, she went back into her carrier and crawled under her bed. Dr. S. remarked that she couldn't see Chani because of this... giggle giggle.

9 was my brave explorer who when the appointment was over, decided to enter his carrier all on his own. What a good boy!

Later, 9 got some comforting snuggles from little brother, Sheamus. The boys really love each other. They sleep together, play together and are just so cuddly! I know Chani gets left out, but sometimes, I think she's rather glad to be left alone. And when she wants attention from the boys, she play attacks to get some shenanagins going.

I really need to get more pictures of her.

Finally, I went to a friend's house this past Sunday, and in a potted plant were 3 tiny hatchlings. At one point, when we went to look at them and moved the leaf, all 3 woke up and their mouths were wide open. Unfortunately, I missed the shot. I was using my camera phone and it doesn't always react quickly.

I'm still pretty busy these days. But, if I get myself organized enough, I'll try to set up some posts.

Many apologies again!


  1. It sounds like vet visits went well for your two.

  2. Just had to make a comment about the picture of 9 & Sheamus. What an absolutely adorable picture. It is so good to see them getting along!!
    By the way, I have been wanting to send you a comment for a long time now. You have a most beautiful first name...
    From your Canadian fan, Marlene (I guess you can see why I like your name so much)

  3. Repeat after me: Blogging without Obligation! Blogging without Obligation! Blogging without Obligation! Would you rather be lovin' 'em or bloggin' about 'em? Sometimes life just gets busy - we'll be here when you are!

    Looks like a great vet visit - cool about 9... most of mine voluntarily get back in the carrier for some reason!

  4. Spring is just a busy time! Glad all's well. Love the story on the origin of Sheamus's name too :)