Sunday, April 8, 2012


I found some photos of darling Chani-chan!

Chani loves to claim my spot once I vacate it or when I am not home. It's her 'throne' so to speak.

And here she is under the reading lamp. Such a drama princess. And this time, it is only the lighting. Well, she's got drama on her mind, always does. She loves to be petted on her own terms and complains whenever I pick her up and cuddle her. With her lovely colors and chunkiness, who could resist giving her some snuggles? I sure can't.

Since the boys are so buddy buddy, Chani is left on her own for the most part. She does like to play with 9 on occasion and she still expects to be cleaned when she is sleepy and one of the boys comes around her.

Chani is definitely the Princess here in this household.


  1. You're looking very pretty, Chani-Chan! And of course you are the Princess!

    The Chan Girls

  2. Good for her, insisting upon her due! Queen Chani!

  3. Chani is even prettier now, with her chunkiness. I'd have to pick her up and kiss her, sometimes. I'd have to.