Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is going on here???

Who is this pretty lady?

Why, she is the mommy of all these adorable kittens! Mom's friend is fostering this cute litter of 3 boys and 3 girls as well as the Mama Kitty.

All of the kittens are 'cow kitties' as Mom likes to call them. Each one is mostly white (except for one tuxie-ish girl) and they all have dark tails. One has a tail where the undercoat is black but the outside tips are white. Cute cute cute! Their eyes are still blue right now and their foster Mom thinks they are about 5 weeks old. She got them when the kittens were just learning how to walk.

This one has a little bit of brown on him/her. Mom's not sure if this is one of the boys or girls. hehehe

They sure love to sit on humans. When Mom got there, she sat down and all the kittens just went to her and sat on her. After playing for a bit, they started dozing off on her. Talk about Mom getting thrilled!

Here they are on Mom's legs. Some have nice spots on their backs. Makes them look a bit like Dalmatian kitties.

This little lady captured Mom's heart. She's the only long haired one amongst the siblings. And she wasn't very cooperative when Mom wanted to take a portrait shot.

Isn't she a doll???

Mom apologizes for not taking photos of us as much. She would like to say she's busy but she obviously has time to take photos of kittens. Hmph. Well, she has been doing this intensive exercise program lately, so that takes time. The fun part is that after she works out, she lies on the couch and makes a perfect cushion for us!

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Are you getting a little sibling kitty i wonder!

  2. They are all so CUTE !
    One remind me to Olli. He was a cow cat too.
    Thanks for sharing these adorable photos!

    *Happy Tuesday*

  3. Oh I just about died when I saw all these kittens, and especially the little long-haired one...*thud*...too much cuteness in one post!

    How wonderful that your friend is fostering all these kittens! Foster moms and dads are angels!

  4. Cute overload! You better watch out or you will have a sibling!

  5. oh my goddess. they challenge my sweet shlomo in cuteness! (shlomo is a "cow kitten").

    brooke (the human), bilal (the older kitten), shlomo (the younger kitten), ava (the old bitty girl) and max (the old grumpy, but sweet to the human, alpha male).

  6. Now thats what I call cute cute cute.. Is mum thinking of getting one maybe. The last one with the long hair.. All though adorable.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Those kitties are adorable! Very precious!
    xo Catherine

  8. They are terribly cute indeed. We love to sit and pur on mom when she did exercises too. In fact, I'm in her lap right now and she just came back from her Ashtanga Yoga class. Bliss!
    Purrs, Siena

  9. Oo I have a special place in my heart for cow kitties :)