Monday, December 28, 2009

We're Home! We're Home

Hi Everyone,

We are home at last. Mom is so happy that she is spending her time cuddling with us instead of using the flashy box thing. Chani is exploring the house and sending out her locations 'mews' so that we know where she is and so we can call back and let her know we're all around.

Mom says she will take pics of us, but right now, she is just very happy to be with us.



  1. Glad everyone is home ~ safe and sound! Have a relaxing day!

  2. So meowey glad that mum is home.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Enjoy your rest! It is always good to be home!

  4. Welcome home!! Your mom has a good sense of priority!! :-) Snuggles are way more important than pictures when you've been parted!

  5. YAY! We are glad you are home and all is well!

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