Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sculpted kitties from a woodfiring

Hie on over to my clay blog(Spinning the Clay Fantastic) to see my creations :D

9 and Chani have been very good about sleeping with me and putting up with my late hours and not taking enough photos of them. I promise to reward them with many cuddles and treats when I'm free again! And will post photos of them instead of these faux kitties.


  1. You do beautiful work. Love the kitties and the tea pot

  2. All we hear is excuses. We want to see pictures of our adorable furriends Chani and 9!
    Siena and Chilli, stomping with their kittyfeet

    Mom? Mom! Why are you heading over to that clay blog???

  3. You are quite an accomplished artist. Loved your tea pot. It's too bad about the phoenix, it looked like it would have been a beautiful piece.

  4. The faux kittehs are a very nice place holder while we wait for the real thing! ;-)

  5. So lovely! Those are some fun things you have made ~ of course ~ anything 'cat' is wonderful! :)