Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year!

And please forgive us for the lack of photos. Not that Mom has been remiss in taking them, she just has been remiss in putting them up here or onto her computer so she can post them here. And she has been remiss in posting about us as you all know.

Mom has had one of her bursts of creativity where all she does is draw and draw. She is also making more mugs that were ordered by her friends. Plus, she just started taking a programming class. So, she is just a bit busy right now. We are doing our best to keep her company and make sure she gets adequate rest. Also, when she draws, she puts the kotatsu on which makes Chani and Sheamus Popoki happy while I, 9, sit in her lap.

Once her schedule stabilizes and she refocuses on us (well, she's always focused on us but not very focused on telling the world about us), she promises to start blogging again.

If you are on Facebook and would like to see some of her art, please click here:  High Rose Art on Facebook.

We shall see you soon!


  1. When artistic humans get busy, sometimes everything else seems to disappear to them...

  2. We miss you. Take good care of Mom!

    We have seen this Tiffany commenting on several blogs asking for the same thing. I hope she is not a scammer!

    1. I emailed her. She's not a scammer, from what I can tell. But she is asking for blog posts and stories about kitties. Not sure if I will write one for her as I'm just a bit too busy to do that right now. If she had read my post here, then she would know that... Ah well...

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  4. Hope you are all well!!