Monday, November 19, 2012

Purple Meditating Kitty

After over a month of putting painting off because of other commitments, Mom was finally able finish her Purple Meditating Kitty. She says that it was not very easy to paint an all black cat and still have the details show up well. But, she is happy with the result and cannot wait to get started on the versions that star the three of us.

9 will have an aqua background. Chani will have a burnt orange background and Sheamus Popoki will have a lovely green background. She's already started painting the eyes on Chani's and Sheamus'.

After that, she has one more sketched out that is based on Meow Meow of Kittitas.

Mom just needs some free time to paint them all.

Oh and if you're interested. She is having cards printed out of the Purple Meditating Kitty and has a few leftover of the Blue and Pink Om Kitties.

Both of these as well as the Purple kitty are painted on boards with acrylic paint. Then, they were scanned and formatted onto a notecard with the symbol for Om underneath them.

And finally, Mom has a bunch of postcards printed up of the above image. This was the first time Mom tried to illustrate one of us all on the computer. Well, the initial sketch was on paper, but then the color and outlining and such were all done in Flash. Then, she put all the parts in Photoshop to make the final image.

Drop us an email and marlene_hirose at yahoo dot com, if you would like any of these either to purchase or just for Mom to send you a note using them.


  1. wow, nice blog? i followed you right away! :D
    'D love it if youd check out my blog too :)
    thanks xD


  2. I LOVE the purple meditating kitty - your human did a great job! In fact, all the art is awesome!

  3. These are adorable! And, I love the sketches of you three. My favorite may be Sheamus' because I love that fluffy vest.