Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spaz, 1995-2012

Spaz was an adorable kitten who belonged to a good friend. After 17 years, Spaz left us to run free across the Rainbow Bridge.

She was part of a trio made up by Q who came before and his buddy, Sylvester. The poor girl really didn't get involved with the boys too much (being a girly girl didn't help), but she did put up with them both quite well. She wasn't the brightest of kittens, but she was pretty.

Run free, dear Spaz, our former 'shiro baka neko', who turned out to be a bit smarter than we all imagined.


  1. WE are so sorry about Spaz. She was a lovely girl. WE know how much she will be missed

  2. I'm sorry. It's so hard to say goodbye. She looks like she was a dear little one.

  3. Shiro Baka Neko? More like Shiro Kawai Neko, we think! She looks like such a sweetie. We are glad she lived a good long life and wish her many happy reunions at the Bridge.

    Aby Neko-Tachi

    1. When Spaz was a kitten, she would try to run out of the screen door and slam into it because she didn't realize the door was closed. This was among the many 'baka' things she did. Still, it was an endearment.

      Also, she kept trying to take on Q who was about 14-15 lbs heavier than she was when she was a tiny kitten. He would basically put a paw on her and she would struggle underneath him and get frustrated. It was funny, but my parents thought it was annoying for Q and upsetting for her.

      She was kawaii, which helped a lot :D