Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Photos

Here are some photos from our rather unproductive Christmas photo shot. Chani's got the crazy eyes there, doesn't she?

My costume was a little big and Chani's was a little small.

Mom got into frame waving the toy about. I was posing well here, Chani was not!

Chani kept moving about. But, I was a good boy and kept looking at the toy.

Mom didn't want to use any of these because there was "too much clutter in the background". Well, whose fault was that? Mom wasn't very good about straightening up the living room, was she? hehehe

Hope you enjoyed these photos!


  1. So cute! I love the Christmas costumes, and the kitties look so well behaved in them. I think Scarlett would maul me thoroughly for such an offense.

  2. THose are great pictures. We all have clutter! Every cat mom knows that!

  3. Very cute! I feel a smidgen better now because I have some clutter too :)