Monday, June 24, 2013

In which Chani helps change the sheets

Dear Furiends,

As you might know, changing the sheets is my favorite of Mom's chores. I have her pretty well trained to change the sheets every week. I, of course, help her.

I make sure that each fresh sheet has the requisite amount of fur.

I also test out the softness and general comfort.

I must also test the durability.

I must test the durability a lot.

Now, Mom has been very remiss in posting my photos of late. This all Chani post somewhat makes up for it...

Wishing you a very happy week.

And thank you, Angel and Kirby, I am making sure that Mom is not overdoing it on her ankle. It is still not 100%, but she will not stop exercising on it! I feel that #1 does have a point about it being bad for her health. Still, Mom aims to be svelte because we kitties inspire her!

Happy Cat World Domination day!!! Thank you, Sparkle, for making this day official!


  1. We like to help change the sheets! But it is more fun to snuggle in them right out of the dryer!

  2. Chani, you are certainly dominating the sheet changing! Today, the sheets, tomorrow the world!

  3. Helping with sheet-changing is a very important duty that befalls us cats! Well Done, Chani!

    The Chans

  4. Chani, we gotta love that second photo. If you Mom didn't stop and tickle that tummy, she has more resolve than most beans.