Thursday, June 23, 2011

Of Pink Toes and Chani being adorable

Chani decided to claim the bed... or rather, the side of the bed that I was occupying up until I decided to get up and use the ahem facilities.

At first, I was a bit 'annoyed', but then Chani did this adorable pose including a bendy ear and well, who could stay annoyed with that cuteness in front of them?

9 has been his usual adorably naughty self. He climbed up on my desk and knocked over a bunch of papers. So, I moved everything off of the desk and put the knitted kitty bed that Siena and Chilli's mom sent them as a cushion for him to rest upon.

And late last night, 9 was sitting above me on the headboard. His adorable pink toe was far too enticing not to take a photo of. Love his laser eyes too.

This being Thursday, we have to say that we are thankful for the beautiful weather (despite the heat!) and are happy to be together.



  1. Oh my gosh, Chani's little face is so cute in that second photo!! Melly does the same thing: the moment I get out of bed, she is in my spot in a flash. Of course, I can't move her when I get back, so I just squeeze around her.

    That picture of 9's paw is adorable. I didn't even notice his laser eyes at first - they look awfully menacing!

  2. Chani's face is irresistible! As is 9's toe. I would watch out for those laser eyes though!

  3. Beautiful post, full of all good things in life!

    It's been really rainy and coo here but the sun and heat are coming this weekend!

    The Chans

  4. I love this post. Your babies are always so cute, and I'm awfully grateful that you're together, too.

  5. What is it about pet toes that's so enticing? I'm a dog person myself, but I love to look at my pup's toes all the time too, when I can fin them under all the hair.